High School Sophomores/Juniors: 
Energetic, personable, with initiative and problem solving capabilities. Prepared to work hard and be responsible. Must be able to complete the entire Cone Season (Mid March-Mid October).
15-40 hrs/week.
**If not yet 16, you can email TheConeGirl@gmail.com to see if you should apply**

Local College Position: 
Able to work around school schedule. Must be able to work during the week and weekends and complete the entire Cone Season (Mid March-Mid October). 15-40 hrs/week.

Daytime Workers: 
Stock and Prep Store while serving customers with a smile. Quick and efficient. Competent without excessive need of direction. Major initiative and work ethic. Able to work AND accurately complete a list of jobs in a given amount of time. Can also work night shifts if desired.

15-40 hrs/week.

Part-Time Night Assistant Manager:

Would be great for Adults who want to earn extra $$$ along with their main job or for Retired Adults!!!

Overseeing night shifts from 5:00pm-10pm (Can do 6-10 or 6:30-10 if  absolutely necessary). Keeping the high school staff working and cleaning, overseeing Nightly Cleaning, handling Customer Issues, completing the Managerial Closing Procedure. Would be working on behalf of the Operation Managers, Blake & Tabitha, who would be on-call if major issues arise. 10-30 hrs/week.

Mobile Cone Only Staff Member:

New Position 2019!

With over 200 Mobile Events last year, we would love to have a few crew members who only do Mobile Events! 

You would be setting up, working, and tearing down events. Events you would be serving at would include Festivals, Fairs, Corporate events (such as company picnics), Concerts, Weddings, School Events, Car Shows, Block Parties, Field Days, Graduations, and more! Mobile Events can generate many tips that will be in addition to your normal wages! Mobile events are high energy but fun!

15-35 hrs/week.

Towing Generator and Mobile Cone Event Leader:

**Must be 18 to apply and preferably older** You would be towing generators to Mobile Cone Events. You would then be the leader of that event. This would include, but is not limited to, keeping staff working, setting up and tearing down events, communicating with whomever hired The Mobile Cone for the events, and towing the generator back to The Cone. An upbeat, responsible, people person is what we are looking for! 15-35 hrs/week.



 - ​​​30% off Cone Items for Yourself

- 10% off Cone Items for Friends and Family

- Free Cone Meal on break between Double Shift

- Free Fountain Drinks on all shifts

- Free Small Cup of Ice Cream + Toppings after every worked shift

- Competitive Pay Rates and Tips (Tips are in addition to wages unlike some other companies!)

- Opportunity to earn Raises even during your first Season!

- Excellent Recommendation Letters from the Owner and Management for your future Career Jobs or College Internships

- Being a part of The Cone "Team" and having a blast! 



Annual Cone Employee Bonfire & Pool Party

*Although we do accept applications year-round, optimal time to turn them in is between January 1st and March 15th!

After that, we have interview days, New Employee Meetings, and New Employee Workshops which you don't want to miss!

Even if you are not yet 16 and won't be starting until later in the Season, the Meetings and Workshops will be beneficial to you!*

Please mail your application to: 
The Cone of West Chester

Attn: Tabitha Wren and Blake Greer
6855 Tylersville Road 
West Chester, OH 45069 


Drop it off in the "Application Drop Box" in front of The Cone's Dining Room Door.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email Tabitha and Blake at theconegirl@gmail.com.

You may also wish to email that an application is on the way or has been dropped off.



***High School Employees: 

You must be able to work the entire Season (Mid March-Mid October). If you have a time consuming activity (sports, a play, etc.) in the Spring or Fall, and cannot work 3-4 shifts a week, this may not be the right job for you!

During school, you must be available at least 10 hours per week (Mon-Thur) and 12 hours on the weekend (Friday night through Sunday night). You will not necessarily be scheduled all of those times but you need to be available. During the summer, you must be available at least 5 shifts a week (Mon-Thurs) and 3 shifts on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). 

All Positions: 

Vacations are permitted in moderation.

You must be available for either July 7th OR Labor Day weekends as they are our busiest weekends of the season.

You must be available for a day or night shift on Mother's Day (May 12th) and National Ice Cream Day (July 21st).

You must be able to work at least one shift on Closing Day (September 29th, 2019)

We do NOT generally work around second jobs as it is unfair to our scheduler and other employees.

Exception: Some Adults with a main job who would like to work a semi-set schedule.

Have Initiative, Work Ethic, a Smile, and a great attitude toward co-workers and management.

Sunday is our busiest day of the week. We do ask that you try to be available for at least one shift on Sundays. If possible, we ask that you try to attend an earlier church service occasionally, as we do, since we are so short staffed when we open on Sundays (11:45am).  It has become increasingly unfair to the select few employees who make themselves available Sunday mornings to have to work that shift week after week.

Managers must be able to contact you personally about shifts, scheduling, and meetings.

Please be able to provide us with your personal cell phone number. 

You must be able to cooperate with and follow the direction of management and to treat other employees with respect and kindness.

Ability to willingly and accurately work off of a list and complete the list within a given amount of time.

You must be able to (or learn to) work while talking with co-workers.

Good personal hygiene is required of all employees when they report for work. All employees are expected to be clean shaven, bathed (same day as shift and after physical activity), and have appropriate application of body deodorant. These are not only rules we implement here at The Cone, but also required rules as directed by the Health Department. 

We, at The Cone, strive to project a professional and family-friendly image.

Therefore, since accessories and jewelry such as nose rings and other objects pierced on various body parts are offensive to many customers, wearing those rings and other jewelry which is pierced on the body (other than earrings) is prohibited, as is wearing of any jewelry which may be considered offensive (skulls, etc.).

Tattoos must be covered by clothing (no band-aids).

We absolutely do not allow gossip regarding other employees or management at The Cone. We also do not allow any form of drama. These are both grounds for immediate termination.

You must be able to speak without using unacceptable language or swear words. 

You need to be able to work a 5 hour shift without checking, texting, or using social media on your phone.

You need to be able to access our online scheduling system regularly and put mark off requests in on time.

New employees are filtered in to the schedule between April and May.

Start Date will depend on age, availability, and when application was submitted.

We will send out a list of the order in which trainees will be starting.


Positions Available:

(All positions include working in The Mobile Cone Units)

High School Staff Member

Local College Staff Member

Daytime Staff Member

Part-Time Night Assistant Manager

Mobile Cone Only Staff Member

Towing Generator & Mobile Cone Event Leader

Cone Employees are like a large extended family! Our staff includes adults, college students, and high school students. Our employees are the cream of the crop and come back year after year!

As well as being a family owned and operated business,

sometimes more than half our staff has or has had a sibling

work for The Cone!

This year The Cone will employ about 50 students and 15 


Since The Cone and Mobile Cone are the same company, 

you will be working in both! New staff usually does not get

scheduled in Mobile units until late in the Season or even the next Season. 

Mobile Events are local and can be shifts where you earn a LOT of tips!!!

Our objective here at The Cone is to serve each customer as quickly and efficiently as possible while creating the best experience for them!

Be prepared to have fun and work hard to serve our community as a Cone Employee!