Daytime Workers: Stock/Store Prep while serving          customers with a smile. Quick and efficient. Can also work night shifts if desired. 15-35 hrs/week.

Mobile Cone (18+): Towing generator to mobile events, setting up/tearing down mobiles, and running the event (in charge of mix and employees). Could be combined with Mobile Detailer/Machine Cleaner position if desired as well as possible store hours. 15-40+ hrs/week.
Mobile Detailer & Machine Cleaner: Deep Cleans Mobile Cone units after events and restocks inventory for next event. Cleans The Cone and Mobile Cone ice cream

Cone Employees are like a large extended family. Most are high school or college students. They are the cream of the crop. Our employees come back year after year - quite an outstanding feat for a seasonal employer! 

As well as being a family owned and operated business,

sometimes more than half our staff has or has had a sibling

work for The Cone. We have even employed 5 siblings from

one family (Krzmarzick clan pictured below)! 

This year The Cone will employ about 60 students and 10


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machines. Possible store hours if desired. 15-40+ hrs/week.
High School Sophomores/Juniors*: Available March - November. Energetic and personable. Shows initiative. Problem solving. Prepared to work hard.

***You absolutely must be able to work the entire Season (March-November). If you have a time consuming activity (sports, a play, etc.) in the Spring or Fall, and cannot work 3-4 shifts a week, this may not be the right job for you! During school, you must be available at least 15 hours per week (Mon-Thur) and 12 hours on the weekend (Friday night through Sunday night). You will not necessarily be scheduled all of those times but you need to be available. During the summer, you must be available at least 5 shifts a week (Mon-Thurs) and 3 shifts on the weekend (Friday-Sunday). Vacations are allowed in moderation. You must be available for either July 4th or Labor Day weekends as they are our busiest weekends of the season.

Please mail your application to: 
Tabitha Wren 
C/O The Cone of West Chester 
6855 Tylersville Road 
West Chester, OH 45069 

Place in the Application Drop Box located at the front door of the office building to the right of The Cone (on same property).

If you have any questions or concerns, please email You may also wish to email that an application is on the way or has been dropped off in the box.