-We have the Mobile Cone Unit with a large truck attached to tow it with

-We have a Generator that must be parked next to or diagonal to the Mobile. (See Pictures Below!)

  • Keith was inspired by the community's enthusiasm for The Cone and decided to take it on the road!
  • He found the first Mobile Cone Unit in Louisiana in 2005.
  • Our first event was Saint Max Festival (Which we have gone to every year since!)
  • Over the years our Mobile Fleet has grown to a total of 4 Units! (Including one mini-mobile)
  • Our largest event by far is the Riverfest WEBN Fireworks each year, with approximately 500,000 people in attendance!

-Duration of the Event

-Distance we would need to Travel

-Number of Servings

-Type of Items Served

-We also have a fixed cost for set up, tear down, etc

-The more people we are serving, the less the cost is per serving!)


Soft Serve

Ice Cream

(& Sprinkles!)

Corporate Events

Company Picnics

Festivals & Fairs

Church Events

School Events



Car Shows

Community Events

Field Days


And More!

Items We Offer:

Things To Consider Before Booking:

-We typically are not able to do events serving less than 50 people

-In cases of events with 50-150 people we will usually bring the mini- mobile unit instead of our larger units

-If you have less people than that, you may want to consider inviting more people to join you!

Please Email themobileconeman@gmail.com for any Inquiries Regarding Mobile Cone Events!

Premium Chocolate and Vanilla!

We Can Serve Up To 1000 Cones/Hour Per Unit!

What are Rates Based on?

The Mobile Cone!

Ice Cream Cones & Bowls:

Taking it to the Road!

Famous Orange Sherbet!

Variety of Flavors

(Including Sugar Free!)

Book an Event with The Mobile Cone!

Do I have Enough People?

Also Hot Fudge & Turtle Sundaes!

Questions About Anything Mentioned Above? It NEVER Hurts to Ask!!

Conemade Pumpkin Ice Cream (Fall Only)

(Generally Served at Larger Events)

Do I Have Enough Space?

All Natural

Shave Ice!

(We are only licensed to operate in the State of Ohio)

Events We Can Do!

Edible Cookie Dough Treats!