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Here are some helpful tips when requesting The Mobile Cone for an

event you wish to pay for (not applicable to Festivals or Fairs)

Our rates are based on:

      ~How long we are at your event.

      ~How many servings we serve.

      ~How far away we have to travel.

Things to consider:

     ~We are bringing our large truck to pull the mobile cone and another truck to pull the generator.

     ~We have fixed costs just to get to your location, set up, tear down, cleaning machines, etc.

     ~A group of 100 is going to be more per serving that a group of 500.  (Let's say you only have 75 people, 

     but would really like the mobile.  We would suggest asking a neighbor if they want to go in with your


There is only 1 "Mobile Cone"

(ok there are 3 of a kind!)

What we will do for your organization:

     1. We will only serve the finest soft serve and related products.

     2. We make generous size cones and never use powdered mix, like many of our competitors.

     3. We have very professional, clean, ultra modern units.

     4. Our employees are THE BEST!

     5. We use a very quiet diesel generator to power our units (We call it CONE POWER), many use noisy,     

     dangerous, gas generators.

The Mobile Cones

It all started with The Cone in West Chester, Ohio.  We have been making premium soft serve, sherbets, yogurt and shave-ice since 1993.  We have been in the ice cream business for over 45 years with our original store in the Lockland-Reading area called K&W creamy whip. 

We are not your average mobile ice cream, we are known as "THE BEST SOFT SERVE IN CINCINNATI!" voted by the Cincinnati Reader Magazine.  We have won may awards over the years. 

What we do:

We serve high quality vanilla soft serve with our special blend of Madagascar Vanilla

added to our ice cream.  We make our own orange sherbet, which can be mixed with

our vanilla to make a delicious treat like the old-fashioned cream-sicle.  We bring chocolate

& vanilla, and in the fall we bring our homemade pumpkin.  

Have one of our 3 Mobile Cone Units to your event!  

With our high-volume equipment, we can serve up to 1000 cones & shave-ice, all made fresh to order, per hour!

Available for:



Employee appreciation days

Client & vendor appreciation




Car Shows

Block Parties

Class Renunions

Car Dealers


Catered Functions

Field Days

Outdoor Concerts

Graduations and more!

Things we may not be able to do at this time:

~Events that are smaller or to far away.

~Events on busy streets that are not closed to traffic.

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