Hourly Wage & Tips

Starting Wage is:

$8.70 Starting Wage + Average of 2.00 Dollars in Tips/Hour


Average of $10.70/Hour (Before Bonus)


.25 Cent - 1.00 Dollar Bonus/Hour Upon Completion of Season 

= $10.95 - $11.70 Per Hour

Starting Wage can be higher if you have had previous experience, etc.

Additional wage raises can be earned even during the first season!
Based on availability, experience, and work ethic!
Within your first year, with tips and bonus, you could be averaging around $12/hour!

YOU play a huge role in the amount of tips you receive!

* Note: Unlike some competitors, we do not make our employees count tips AS their wages.
We pay at least minimum wage and tips are in ADDITION to wages. *

Training includes a Meeting, Workshop, Pre-Training Shift,

and 25 hours of in-store Training while Open.
The 25 hours only takes an average of 1-2 weeks to complete.
During Training, you will not receive tips.

Bonus Package

We have 4 levels of Bonuses which are outlined below! 

This money is free for you to use however you please...

towards college, trade schools, normal expenses, or anything else!

The only contingency on receiving your bonus is that

you complete the entire season

(or summer if you are a non-local college staff member)

in good standing.

​For EVERY hour you work during the Season,

you will receive an ADDITIONAL amount!

Your additional amount per hour depends on your

total number of hours worked from March 1 - October 25

Hours Worked Per SeasonAdditional Amount Per Hour
100-40025 Cents
401-50050 Cents
501-80075 Cents
801 +1.00 Dollar

Hourly Wage, Tips, & Bonus Package