Positions Available:

Position Descriptions are down below.

Many of our Positions can be combined with other available Positions.

Email TheConeGirl@Gmail.com with any questions!

High School Staff Member

Local College Staff Member

Daytime Staff Member

Night Assistant Manager

Cake and Pie Production Artist 

Novelty Sales Assistant

Online Order Fulfiller

​Cookie Baker

Office Assistant

Maintenance  Assistant

Ice Cream Machine Upkeep

Mobile Cone Only Staff Member

Towing Generator & Mobile Cone Event Leader

​Mobile Cone Turn Around

Position Descriptions:

High School Staff Member
35 Positions Available

Energetic and personable with initiative and problem solving capabilities. Prepared to work hard and be responsible.

Serving Customers, Making Products, Continuously Cleaning, Being Knowledgeable about Cone Products and Cone History.

Must be able to complete the entire Cone Season (Mid March-Mid October).
10-40 hrs/week. 

**If not yet 16, you can email TheConeGirl@gmail.com to see if you should apply**

Local College Staff Member
3 Positions Available

Able to work around school schedule.

Energetic and personable with initiative and problem solving capabilities. Prepared to work hard and be responsible.

Willing to set a good example for younger staff members regarding responsibility, initiative, and maturity.
Serving Customers, Making Products, Continuously Cleaning, Being Knowledgeable about Cone Products and Cone History.

If only able to work weekends during school, you may want to consider applying for "Mobile Cone Only".

10-40 hrs/week.

Daytime Staff Member

10 Positions Available

Fantastic position for Adults seeking Part-Time and Homeschoolers.
Stock and Prep Store while serving customers with a smile. Quick and efficient. Competent without excessive need of direction.

Major initiative and work ethic. Able to work AND accurately complete a list of jobs in a given amount of time. Can also work night shifts if desired. 
10-40 hrs/week.

Night Assistant Manager
2 Positions Available

Would be great for Adults seeking Part-Time, Adults who want to earn extra $$$ alongside their main job or for Retired Adults.
Overseeing night shifts from 5:00pm-10pm, 6pm-10pm, or 6:30pm-10pm.

Keeping the high school staff working and cleaning, overseeing Nightly Cleaning, handling Customer Issues, completing the Managerial Closing Procedure. 

Past experience with working with younger staff members would aid you in this job!

Ability to lead younger staff members competently, respectfully, and with maturity.

Would be working on behalf the Owner's family managers who would most likely be in the office or if not onsite, be on-call if major issues arise.

10-30 hrs/week.

Cake and Pie Production Artist

2 Positions Available

Age Requirement: 21+

Producing and decorating our Ice Cream Cakes and Pies.

Although not required, a background in Basic Piping or bakery decorating would aid you in this job!

We sell an average of 50 Cakes/Pies per week.

Would be also trained in making Cookie Sandwiches (we sell around 800-1000 per week).

Work Schedule is flexible. However, It is easiest to produce Cakes when the Cone is not Open (Anytime Mondays, before 1:00pm in Spring/Fall, before Noon in Summer)

This Position could easily be combined with the Novelty Sales Assistant Position and/or Online Order Fulfiller. 

Please view the Cake and Pie tab above to view what you would be making. 

15-30 hrs/week

Novelty Sales Assistant

1 Position Available-2 if Job Sharing

Aiding Customers purchasing Cakes, Pies, Quarts, and Novelties in The Cone's Dining Room.

Able to or able to learn how to use an iPad Square terminal to ring up and cash out customers. 

Friendly, helpful, able to retain knowledge about all of our Novelties, and able to create a fantastic customer experience.

Available Time Slots: 

Tuesday 6:30pm-9:00pm, Wednesday 6:30pm-9:00pm, Thursday 6:30pm-9:00pm, Friday 6:30pm-9:30pm,

Saturday 12:30pm-5:00pm & 6:00pm-9:30pm, Sunday 12:30pm-5:00pm & 6:00pm-9:00pm

This Position could easily be combined with the Cake and Pie Production Artist Position and/or Online Order Fulfiller Position.

10-25 hrs/week

Online Order Fulfiller

1 Position Available

Preparing Items purchased at The Cone's online store. 

Either reserving the items in the Store for Pickup or Shipping the Items in a timely manner. 

Items you would be handling: Cakes, Pies, Novelties, Gift Cards, and T-Shifts.

Ability to work with the Cake and Pie Artists to ensure custom Pre-Orders are fulfilled. 

Would also occasionally be putting together Fundraiser Baskets and donation material.

Work Schedule is flexible as long as items are being reserved and shipped on time.

This being said, we like things done earlier rather than later to avoid any issues that may arise (items out of stock, having to remake an item, package delays, etc.)

10-25 hrs/week

Cookie Baker

​1 Position Available

We go through 1000-2000 Cookies per week, which all get baked on site. 

Work Schedule is extremely flexible.

Would also be taught how to make Ice Tea Gallons.

​Opportunity to also learn to make Shave Ice Flavors to add an additional 5-10 hrs/week.

This Position could easily be combined with many other Cone Positions.

7-12 hrs/week 

Office Assistant

1 Position Available

You would be working directly for the owner and his wife, who is the Office Manager. 

Any background in accounting and basic computer literacy would be beneficial.

Tasks you could be doing but are not limited to: Checking Time & Attendance Report for 70 employees, Counting/Balancing Money Drawers, Documenting Daily Settlements, going to the Bank, completing Paperwork for The Cone and Mobile Cone, preparing Mobile Cone Quote Requests for Keith and many other jobs, updating the voicemail, answering the phone, possible scheduling, occasionally running errands, etc.

Opportunity to work more than during the Season. 

10-25 hrs/week

Maintenance Assistant

1 Position Available

You would be working with the Maintenance Manager who has worked here for 15 years. 

Tasks would include but would not be limited to: Power Washing, Mopping, Construction, Painting, Outdoor Upkeep, Lifting, running errands pertaining to maintenance, taking vehicles in for service, helping to fix damage, etc. 

Opportunity to work more than during the Season.

20-35 hrs/week

Ice Cream Machine Cleaner

1 Position Available-2 if Job Sharing

Quarting up, rinsing, cleaning, reassembling, and restarting 18 Ice Cream Machines, 

Ability to remember how to take apart and put things back together well with no distractions (no phone calls/texting).

Patience with cleaning small parts and paying attention to small details. 

Perfection with cleaning the machine parts. 

Schedule cannot be set due to mix dates and mobile schedules, etc. Cleaning dates will be known 1.5-2 weeks in advance.

30-55 hrs/week

Mobile Cone Only Staff Member

5 Positions Available

With over 200 Mobile Events last year, we would love to have a few crew members who only do Mobile Events! 
You would be helping to set up, work, and tear down events.

Events you would be serving at would include Festivals, Fairs, Corporate events (such as company picnics),

Concerts, Weddings, School Events, Car Shows, Block Parties, Field Days, Graduations, and more!

Mobile Events can generate many tips that will be in addition to your normal wages! Mobile events are high energy but fun! 
15-55 hrs/week. 

Towing Generator and Mobile Cone Event Leader

2 Positions Available

Age Requirement: 20+

You would be towing generators to and from Mobile Cone Events.

You would then be the leader of that event.

This would include, but is not limited to: keeping staff working, setting up and tearing down events,

communicating with whomever hired The Mobile Cone for the events, and towing the generator back to The Cone.

An upbeat, responsible, people person is what we are looking for!

15-40+ hrs/week.

Mobile Cone Turn Around

1 Position Available-2 if Job Sharing

Cleaning and unloading 4 Mobile Cone Units when they arrive back from events.

Restocking Units and Box Trucks. Restocking Coolers with cases of mix, etc.

Making Shave Ice Flavors for Mobiles.

10-30 hrs/week