Cones & Cups


          Rich & Creamy Vanilla

          Chocolate or Zebra

          Orange Sherbet
                    Our very own recipe since 1972

          Orange & Vanilla Swirl

          Strawberry or Strawberry & Vanilla Swirl
                    Made with real California strawberries

          Peanut Butter

          Blue Raspberry or Key Lime Italian Ice

          Sugar-Free Vanilla Yogurt
          Black Raspberry Yogurt · Blueberry Yogurt · Banana Caramel Foster Yogurt ·

          Caramel · Macadamia Cappuccino Yogurt · Peach Yogurt
                    Yogurt flavor switches weekly

          Pineapple Sherbet
                    Seasonal - Spring and Summer

                    Seasonal - Fall

Dip Tops

          Chocolate · Cherry · Butterscotch · Blue Raspberry · Toasted Coconut ·

           Peanut  Butter · White Chocolate · Cotton Candy · Nutty Chocolate · Cake Batter


          Rainbow · Chocolate · Crunch Coat

Cone Wizzards

          All Wizzards Include Homemade Whipped Cream

          M&M · Peanut M&M · Butterfinger · Snickers · Reese's Cup · Reese's Pieces ·

          Heath · Kit Kat · Nerds · Gummi Bears · Sour Patch Kids · Nestle Crunch ·

          Chocolate Almond · Chocolate Chunk · Golden Oreo · Strawberry Cheesecake ·

          Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough · Take 5 · Banana Cream · Cake Batter · Cheesecake ·

          Oreo · Rice Krispie Treat · Cherry Cordial · Brownie Batter ·

          Grasshopper (Oreos & Andes Mint) & middot; Smore's · Coconut Cream Pie · Tiramisu ·            Oreo Explosion · Malted Milk Ball · Fried Ice Cream · Nutter Butter · Cotton Candy

          Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cheesecake (Seasonal - Fall)


          All Sundaes Include Homemade Whipped Cream

          Hot Fudge · Peanut Butter (Coneman's Favorite) · Chocolate · Chocolate Marshmallow             Dirty Worm · Turtle · Pineapple · Caramel · Butterscotch · Strawberry ·

            Blueberry · Hawaiian · Macaroon · Banana · Cherry · Caramel Apple · 

          Hot Fudge   Brownie Treat · Sugar Free Chocolate · Cotton Candy

          Tabby's Sundae
                    Orange & Vanilla, Marshmallow and Toasted Coconut

          Candy Sundae
                    Any of our candies from the wizzard section

          Fall Favorites
                    Pumpkin (Seasonal - Fall)

Sundae Extras
          Almonds · Butter Pecans · Spanish Peanuts · Mixed Nuts · Toasted Coconut · Cherry 


          Coke · Diet Coke · Sprite · Mr. Pibb · Fanta Orange · Coke Zero · Barq's Root Beer               Barq's Red Cream Soda · Orange, Blue Raspberry or Key Lime Freezies

          Pink Elephant
                    Barq's Red Cream Sode & Ice Cream mixed up

          Brown Cow
                    Barq's Root Beer & Ice Cream mixed up

          Black Cow
                    Coca Cola & Ice Cream mixed up

Shave Ice

          All of our flavors are natural!

          Cherry · Lemon · Blue Raspbery ·Grape · Lemon Lime · Cotton Candy · Root Beer             Strawberry · Joker · Pink Lemonade · Watermelon · Batman · Sour Green Apple · Cola 

          Red Cream Soda · Black Cherry · Red Raspberry · Bubblegum · Blueberry · Blackberry            Vanilla · Tangerine · Piña Colada · Peach · Banana · Pineapple · Blue Coconut · Mango  

          Sugar Free Strawberry · Sugar Free Lemon · Sugar Free Blue Raspberry · Strawberry 


Cone Smoothies

          Include Homemade Whipped Cream

          Strawberry · Banana · Pineapple · Mango · Chocolate Mocha

          Made with Real Fruit, Crushed Ice and Ice Cream, Yogurt or Sherbet

Shakes & Malts

          Include Homemade Whipped Cream

          Hot Fudge · Peanut Butter · Coffee · Oreo · Chocolate · Chocolate Marshmallow ·

          Creme de Mint · Pineapple · Caramel · Butterscotch · Banana · Strawberry ·

          Black Raspberry · Blueberry · Vanilla · Turtle · Sugar Free Chocolate · Cherry · 

          Chocolate Mint · Peach · Chocolate Mocha · Orange Sherbet · Pumpkin (Fall)

          Reese · Monkey Shakes (Chocolate and Bananas) · Caramel Apple (Seasonal)

Old Fashioned Sodas

          Chocolate · Cherry · Chocolate Mint · Vanilla · Pineapple · Strawberry

Ice Cream Pies & Cakes

          Candy Ice Cream Pie
          Made with Rich & Creamy Vanilla Soft Serve and Your Favorite Candy
          8 inch round - Serves 8-10

          Ice Cream Cake
          Fudge Brownie or Fudge Crunch
          10 inch round - Serves 10-12

          Strawberry Ice Cream Pie
          Made with Real Strawberries

          Banana Cream Ice Cream Pie
          Made with Real Bananas

          Pumpkin Ice Cream Pie
          Seasonal - Made with Real Pumpkin

Take Home Novelties

          Ice Cream Sandwiches
          Chocolate Wafer, Chocolate Chip, or Oreo

          Monkey Bars
          Frozen Chocolate Covered Bananas

          Nutty Monkeys
          Monkey Bars with Nuts

          Cheesecake on a Stick
          Homemade Cheesecake Dipped in Chocolate

          Sweet Maize Kettle Corn


          All Favorites Include Homemade Whipped Cream

          Buckeye Parfait
          Made with Mackinac Island Buckeyes, Hot Fudge and Peanut Butter Topping

          Strawberry Shortcake
          Made with Fresh Frozen California Strawberries

          Hot Fudge Brownie Treat
          Made with Gourmet Chocolate Chip Brownies

          Coconut Macaroon Sundae
          Fresh Baked Macaroon with Hot Fudge & Toasted Coconut
          Banana Split
          With 3 Toppings

          Hot Fudge Banana Boat
          A Banana Split with 3 Humps of Hot Fudge

          A Fancy Sundae made with Strawberries and Bananas

          3 Layers of Ice Cream with Strawberries, Chocolate and Pineapple or any of your

          favorite Toppings

          Candy Parfait
          3 Layers of Ice Cream with up to 3 of your favorite Candies

          Nutty Buddy Parfait
          3 Layers of Ice Cream with Hot Fudge and Spanish Peanuts in every layer

          Large Waffle Bowl Sundae
          Choose your favorite Topping

          Al & Joy Sundae
          Made with Hot Fudge, Roasted Almonds and Toasted Coconut

          Warm Gourmet Brownie or Macaroon

          Pig Bowl
          Big Enough for 2 or 3!
          Bananas, Hot Fudge and Brownies added to your favorite Ice Cream

Sugar Free Options

          No Sugar Added, No Fat Vanilla Soft Serve Yogurt · Reese Cup Wizzard · Reese Cup

          Sundae · Chocolate Syrup Sundae · Chocolate Shake · Vanilla Shake · Chocolate    

          Syrup · Banana Boat · Chocolate Banana Nut Wizzard · Lemon, Strawberry, or Blue 

          Raspberry Shave Ice


          Hot Dogs

          Honey Chicken Corn Dogs

          Queen City Hot Metts (Sauerkraut available)

          Mike Sell's Potato Chips

          Adult Combo
          Hot Dog, Corn Dog or Hot Mett, Chips and Drink

          Kids Meal Combo
          Hot Dog or Corn Dog, Chips, Drink, and Toy


          Coca-Cola · Diet Coke · Coke Zero · Barq's Root Beer · Barq's Red Cream Soda

          Lemonade · Fanta Orange · Sprite · Pibb Xtra · Bottled Water