Closing Day 2019!!!

Sunday, September 29th

We look forward to seeing many of you on Closing Day

for your last favorite treat of 2019!

It has been a SPECTACULAR 25th Season and we appreciate

all our loyal (and new!) customers!

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Images from The Cone's 2002 Elvis Night!

The Same Elvis will be hosting this year!​​

Special Events 

at The Cone!

Overstock Sale & Limited Menu Week! 

Tuesday, October 1st-Saturday, October 5th

**Please Note: Overstock Sale will not begin Monday, September 30th**

Overstock Sale will consist of items such as:

Ice Cream Quarts, Frozen Candy Quarts, Nut Quarts, Novelties, PB Sauce,

Brownie Trays, Shave Ice Gallons, Kettle Corn, Frozen Hot Dogs/Corn Dogs,

Cakes and Pies, Pumpkin Rolls, Bulk Candy

Limited Menu will consist of:

Any of our ice creams in machines that we are still quarting up and

anything on our extensive menu that we have left!

During the beginning of the week, we will still have many of our Menu items!


Monday, September 30th CLOSED,

Tuesday, October 1st 12:00-9:00 & Wednesday, October 2nd 12:00-9:00,

Thursday, October 3rd 2:00-7:00,

Friday, October 4th 2:00-7:00 & Saturday, October 5th 2:00-7:00

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Elvis Night

will be announced soon!

The Facebook Event Page for this event will be live soon!

Thanksgiving Sale 2019! 

Thursday, November 21st-Saturday, November 23rd

​Times TBD

Quarts of AT LEAST:
Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Peach, Orange & Vanilla, and Chocolate & Vanilla

Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies

(Sold over 100 last year!)

Our Conemade Natural Pumpkin Ice Cream,

Conemade Pumpkin Sauce and Ginger Snaps mixed together!

Topped with Premium Buttered Pecans and our Caramel De Luche Sauce

Conebaked Chocolate Chip Cookie Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches

Conebaked Peanut Butter Cookie Peanut Butter Chip PB Ice Cream Sandwiches

Conebaked Snickerdoodle Pumpkin Ice Cream Sandwiches 

Famous Amish Cream Cheese Pumpkin Rolls

From the Walnut Creek Amish!