Happy Fall y'all! 
The Cone Thanksgiving Sale is November 15th-17th! 
Thursday 2-7, Friday 1-7, and Saturday 1-8!

Items we will have: 

-Quarts of Pumpkin, Peanut Butter, Chocolate, Chocolate & Vanilla,

Orange, Orange & Vanilla, and Vanilla! 
-Amish Pumpkin Rolls

-Peanut Butter Sauce Quarts
-6 packs of Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches

Pumpkin Ice Cream Pies!

Pumpkin Pies: 
Conemade Pumpkin Ice Cream, Conemade Pumpkin Sauce,

and Ginger Snaps mixed together and 
placed in a graham cracker crust. 
Topped with Ginger Snaps, Buttered Pecans 
and Premium Caramel Sauce.

Everything is first come, first serve! 
We are making over 1000 quarts, 250 cookie sandwiches, and have 128 pumpkin rolls coming so you "should" be able to get what you want!! 

We hope to see many of you soon!
The Wren Family